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At 12 Stones Building Company, we pride ourselves on keeping it simple. Why make it complex and difficult? Our process is proven to work with all types of projects ranging from small remodels to large additions to new home construction. We not only provide you with our personal cell phone numbers, but also provide you access to our internal ‘builder portal’, so you the customer are up to speed on what stage of the project we are in at all times. Below is the 6 step process that we follow:


What are the benefits of a design build approach?

The main benefits of design-build vs. other methods result from having a single source of responsibility. Communication, design, construction and problem-solving are all faster and easier when handled through a design-build firm rather than an architect, a contractor, and their sub-contractors. You also reduce the risk of having a designer create plans that are near impractical to execute while ensuring that the designer has a voice in the construction process.

The benefits of design-build include:
  • – Quicker projects (start to finish).
  • – Stronger communication and coordination.
  • – Earlier and more accurate estimations of costs.
  • – A single contract.

Our Process


Discuss and Design

Every design-build project starts with initial meetings where we discuss your vision, share our expertise, and work together to turn your ideas and dreams into a realistic project scope. Whether you’re looking for custom kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling and/or an addition to you home, we’ll work together to realize your vision and exceed your expectations within your budget.

We’ll discuss:

  • – Your vision for your renovation or remodel.
  • – Your goals and anticipated timeline for this construction project

Scope and Estimate

The next step is to match your project vision to a budget and timeline. We will provide budget estimates based on your vision criteria, as well as the local building codes that govern the work. These budget estimates will consist of an accurate price range for the proposed improvements to your home. We will also discuss the anticipated construction process, along with an estimated completion timeline. Once you have decided to proceed with Twelve Stones Building Company; it will be time to get all partners on board to proceed with the initial evaluation of your existing conditions and design the project. These partners may consist of architects, structural engineers, mechanical engineers (electrical, plumbing and HVAC), etc. At this point, we will present you with an engagement agreement that identifies our process for the design and will request an engagement retainer. This retainer will include costs for all initial evaluations and design work. You are not obligated to proceed with any construction, however all engagement funds will be credited toward the subsequent construction of your project.

We’ve developed unmatched experience managing all the steps that go into producing truly beautiful remodeling results. Coordinating the architectural, plumbing, electrical, structural, and other important details can be overwhelming at best and catastrophic if not done properly. To that end, Twelve Stones Building Company ensures ease of communication and fluid cooperation across all relevant teams to make sure every step of the design-build process is purposeful in design and masterful in execution.


Build and Manage

Once plans are in place that do justice to your vision and the construction is authorized, we’ll move into the construction phase. We are unique in our careful and thorough approach to project planning and
execution. Whether we’re creating an addition or installing custom cabinetry, we understand our clients want every inch of their project to be constructed with the highest quality craftsmanship and utmost precision. We make it our mission to translate every detail into an astounding result while providing you with a well-planned, worry-free building experience.

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